Steel Drum Production & Reconditioning Machinery

Izvar produces and offers turn-key steel drum production and steel drum reconditioning lines. Izvar has experience in drum production machinery for more than 35 years.

The capacities of production lines can be between 60 and 600 drums per hour according to requirement for the following types:

  • Tight-Head (216,5 lt.) and Open-Top (213 lt.) Steel Drums. (55 US Gallon Standart Steel Drums)
  • Tight-Head and Open-Top Intermediate Steel Drums. (Between 20 lt. and 60 lt.)
  • Conical Steel Drums. (175 lt, 194 lt and 220 lt.)
  • Conical Intermediate Steel Drums. (20 lt, 40 lt. and 60 lt.)
  • Reconditioned Drums
  • Fiber Drums

Check out our brochure about the machine we produce.