Fiber drums fulfill a large number of packaging requirements, particularly for the chemical, pharmaceutical, glue and food industries. Fiber Drums are manufactured in various diameters and sizes, and the materials used are suitable for recycling. The main material is 100% Kraft Liner. UN certification can be provided upon request.

  • TSE Golden Packaging Award 1998 – FIBER DRUM

  • TSE Golden Packaging Award 2002 – FIBER DRUM (for welding wire)

  • WPO Worldstar Award 2002 – FIBER DRUM (for welding wire)

  • WPO Worldstar Award 2010 – FIBER DRUM (for FD Fiber Drum)

  • Various diameters heights and volumes
  • Produced of kraftliner paper
  • License for the production of packaging material in contact with foodstuff from the Ministry of Agriculture
  • Production under TS EN ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System
  • %100 recyclable and environmental friendly
  • Ideal packaging for granulated and powdered materials
  • Galvanised steel
  • MDF
  • or plastic top-end
  • Handle on the body
  • Designs with special inner drums for welding wire packaging
  • Fully drainable Fiber Drums.
Fiber Drum Technical Specifications TR 372,66 KB Download
Fiber Drum Technical Specifications 376,38 KB Download