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In our modern facilities located in Gebze,Turgutlu and Sanliurfa, we are producing tight-head steel drums suitable for various oil, chemical or food materials, open-head steel drums suitable for solid or high viscous materials, and also small and intermediate steel drums of various volumes between 4 lt and 62 lt, all complying to up-to-date norms and standards. Our products are ADR rated and have UN certificates.

In our Gebze facility, we are also producing 217 lt. conical steel drums which are used primarily by the tomato paste and fruit puree manufacturers and exporters. Our conical drum production is licensed by the Ministry of Agriculture for the production of packaging material in contact with foodstuff and also our conical drums are in accordance with FDA standards.

Additionally, our fiber drums are manufactured from Kraft paper, which is completely recyclable, and are used by many of our customers in food, pharmaceuticals, glue, welding wire and paint industries. In order to comply with our customers’ diverse applications, our fiber drums can be designed and manufactured with various size and diameters.

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Since the day it was founded, Izvar has been successfully manufacturing the products with its own-built machines. Through the technology and know-how we have developed as a result of our experience in the industry and our continuous research and development activities, we have become a global solution partner for our customers delivering turnkey drum production lines and individual steel and fiber drum production machinery to our customers abroad according to their needs.

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Izvar has been a member of associations formed by global steel drum producers such as SEFA (European Association of Steel Drum Manufacturers), in which we have been taking role in the management, and also AOSD (Asia Oceanic Steel Drum Institute). Through these associations constantly sharing information, as Izvar, we follow the latest trends, developments and regulations in the world to create value for our customers. In this way, we can provide the most up-to-date solutions to our customers' needs, and provide current information on changing regulations.

As Izvar, we will continue to be delighted with our ever-present sensitivity to meet different demands and requirements of our customers.